Am I a vessel or a channel?

Resources that fill your vessel

Do you know the text by Bernhard von Clairvaux about self-care? "If you are sensible, prove yourself as a vessel and not as a channel, which receives and passes on almost simultaneously, while the former waits until it is filled. In this way, it passes on what overflows from it without harm to itself..."

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If companies employ hundreds of EHS managers overnight whom they haven't hired

Exactly what happened a year ago when as many employees as possible were sent to home office due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ayurveda - A Handbook for your Job Search

Imagine you are looking for a career change and someone advises you have a look at Ayurveda. You are probably wondering how a science that is thousands of years old can help you find your way in today's working environment?

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What is health?

Everyone has it, and often it's only missed when it's gone. Gerhard Uhlenbruck (*1929, German immunologist and aphorist) once said: 'Illness is felt, health is not.'

So, what is health?

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Do you value Work Life Balance?

Not me! Quite the contrary. I work hard and do not like the idea that my work takes place outside life. That's exactly what the term Work Life Balance implies.

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Waiting for the soul

Time and again I read about natives who used to sit next to the supposedly fast means of transport after a journey by car or train to wait for their souls.

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