Alexandra Krahl is nutritionist, massage practitioner and Ayurveda chef with advanced training in Ayurvedic and Western medicine.

While working for more than 20 years as jurist and personnel manager, she saw many times what the effects of illness can be on those affected, their colleagues and on the entire company. If pressures get out of hand, the drain on one’s energy from private and professional stress factors can, for many people, no longer be countered.

Through her initially purely private interest in Ayurveda, she recognized that the millennia-old science of life and health with its holistic, preventive, and individual approach not only in the private, but also in the corporate context answers many questions to supports a healthy and fulfilling life.

«I am convinced that our working and living environments will continue to change over the next few years, but not our needs.»

She shares her knowledge about holistic health with a lot of passion and supports you in finding your personal approach to the topic of nutrition and health.

Know-how & expertise

  • Training in nutrition and manual therapies in Germany, Switzerland and India
  • Further education in Ayurvedic and Western medicine
  • Lecturer for holistic Ayurveda nutrition advisor at the School of Ayurveda Suisse in Bern
  • Speaker for Health & Prevention
  • Anamnesis & treatment planning