«You are, what you digest»

Given the large number of dietary recommendations, it is hardly surprising that it is difficult to decide on the right diet. Three or five meals, paleo diet, vegan or low carb are just a few of the buzzwords here. Diet recommendations in Ayurveda, on the other hand, are always given individually and adapted to current needs. Ayurveda understands the human being as a whole, in which digestion and metabolism are unique. What is useful to one person is more likely to harm the other.

In order to lead a healthy, long and fulfilling life on all levels, food plays a key role as it supplies the body, mind and soul with the necessary energy. A type-related diet, in which the selection and composition of foods and spices is taken into account, ensures health and well-being and helps to restore the balance again and again.

What can you expect from nutritional advice according to Ayurveda if it serves to maintain health?

Together we work out what health and well-being means for you. You will receive personal diet recommendations as well as tips and tricks to strengthen your digestive power and your immune system.