You like to learn ayurvedic cooking?

Ayurvedic cooking combines art and science. The Ayurvedic chef must be aware of the nature of the individual foods, their effects and their utilization in the body and has to also consider the individual constitution. With one exception, all the senses are used in Ayurvedic cooking. The sense of taste remains outside at first. A skilled chef prepares his food in a concentrated and almost meditative manner, without tasting it while cooking. In this way the other senses are strengthened, and the taste develops in the chef's imagination.


Private Courses

We get everything what is needed for your session, all you have to do is to invite your friends to your home. I can put together an individual program for you, or you can choose from existing modules I have. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or a special theme, anything is possible.

For a larger group, a kitchen can be rented.

Gift Certificate

A gift voucher is a great present if you are looking for something original and different. This can be either a cooking lesson, cooking with friends for a birthday, throwing a surprise party for friends.

You can get a voucher for  3-hour (approx.) course for six people starting at just CHF 160. On request, I will be happy to discuss individual requirements and costs to suit your budget.