Ayurveda - A Handbook for your Job Search

Imagine you are looking for a career change and someone advises you have a look at Ayurveda. You are probably wondering how a science that is thousands of years old can help you find your way in today's working environment?

As a science of life, Ayurveda is used in three areas. The aim is always to support a healthy and happy life. Next to the medical science, Ayurveda offers essential contributions in the field of preventive health protection with exhaustive guidelines on diet and lifestyle.
To follow individually tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations to optimize one’s full potential, can be useful for everyone in professional life. Beforehand you might like to determine your natural potential with the help of Ayurveda typology. Here, however, I would like to specifically address the area of ​​Ayurveda's philosophy of life. Ayurveda as a philosophy of life deals with all aspects of an individual life and supports us in the important dimensions of social, emotional and mental harmony.
What are your needs or what helps you with stress and makes you happy?
Our social and personal needs have hardly changed in the last millennia. Job search processes however have significantly changed due to the constantly changing world of work. Overall, the classic employment relationship is being replaced by a working relationship. But I would like to say that our needs will not change in the future either. Let yourself therefore confidently embrace the old Ayurveda knowledge when you are looking for a new job.
Analyze the following four areas when you are pursuing your job search and you see whether this job actually makes you happy and satisfied.

Dharma - the fulfillment of duty

According to Ayurvedic tradition, we are responsible for our personal health (physical and mentally). At the same time, we are also responsible for all living beings (family, animals, plants) and organizations (e.g. communities, state, companies) that are dependent on us. In doing so, it is important to recognize the boundary between the fulfillment of one's duty and self-destruction. Our job should enable us to carry out our duties without endangering our stability.

Artha - material security

Ayurveda is not an extra-terrestrial and alien philosophy. Not everyone is meant to renounce material prosperity. To fulfill our duties and at the same time to afford the luxury of self-fulfillment in old age, material goods are required.  Ideally, our job should ensure this. At the same time, ask yourself whether what you cannot consume is necessary and whether the fact of having it makes you happy.

Kama - sensual pleasures

Missed opportunities don't come back. Does your job give you the time and money for the beautiful things in life? If we postpone these things, it will frustrate us in the long run.

Moksha - self-realization

Can we unleash our entire natural potential with what we do in this job or do we have to pursue other activities as well?

Basically, all four groups of needs overlap. However, the first three, if possible, should be completed before retirement age. According to Ayurvedic tradition, especially old age is foreseen to pursue on one’s ideals.
What we today call a mid-life crisis can arise, when we ignore our potential and our needs for sensual pleasures for too long. This happens especially when we have reached our professional goals in our careers and long for something different that satisfies our other needs