Nutrition and Lifesyle Coaching


What to expect in an Ayurvedic Consultation.
The goal of an Ayurvedic consultation is to help the client find effective ways to restore balance and reestablish calm, while harmonizing with the rhythms of nature. It includes support for your overall health using tools from the Ayurvedic system, including diet and lifestyle recommendations, and a daily self-core regime for your personal constitution (Dosha).

For your body…
• Maintain health with personal diet recommendations
• Explore mindful eating techniques to boost digestion
• Cultivate healthy habits with daily Ayurvedic self-core techniques

For your mind...
• Create a personal daily self-core regime
• Reduce stress with simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips
• Calm restless thoughts
• Support mental clarity and confidence

For your spirit…
• Honor inner wisdom
• Encourage self-acceptance
• Invite deep peace

• Dosha analysis
• Diet and exercise recommendations

The initial consultation contains in general two separate meetings. A fist appointment to review the situation and share first recommendations (approx. 60 minutes). After the first consultation I will prepare your individual plan, which will be discussed in a second appointment (approx. 45 minutes). Total costs CHF 140.

Every other hour CHF 90.